Living with Chronic Illness

Midnight migraines 

Late last night I had another set in. It felt like the inside of my skull on the right side was burning while being stabbed at the same time. 

This is not conducive to much besides crying, but ain’t nobody got time for that. (Well, sometimes I make time for that, but it’s a different post.)

So I folded laundry. I had a shower. I fiddled with the blog (which probably contributed to the migraine).  I got the dogs to bed. I wrote some devotional comfort poetry.  Anything, anything to avoid the spiral of I cannot endure this, this is the fifth in a week, how will I ever be self-sufficient, the first class of the term is tomorrow

I took my rationed rescue meds – Relpax and Cambia after counting days and doses to hopefully avoid an overuse headache. I prayed I won’t run out before my next refill. I’m allowed only 9 doses each month. I need 12. The battle for that is more than I can fight sometimes. 

I snuggled down with the dogs, put on my CPAP and sleep headphones and an audiobook and managed to sleep by around 2:30.

Today I woke mostly out of pain but with that odd sense of disconnection/hangover a migraine often brings. 

But I’m here. And I still have hope.  And doggies. 


2 thoughts on “Midnight migraines 

    1. She’s Stealth Dog. She’s also getting very pudgy thanks to Dad.
      That particular photo is actually almost s year old – from a break in my high-speed packing to move to Vegas. They were begging for prosciutto. 😜


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