Living with Chronic Illness

Dammit so much

So, I’ve been in fairly severe pain since about…um…Wednesday? I can’t keep track. Anyway, it hurts to take a deep breath (or release one) – not lungs, but ribs and muscles. My hips are killing me. My lower back is killing me. The clincher is that it hurts my hands to put my car in gear. I have been in or near tears as few times. 

So, I called my primary care doctor today  and say “hey, I’m not sure if this is a fibro flare or what, but I’ve been in significant pain since Wednesday, Aleve and other OTCs aren’t helping, and so I need to know what to do” and got the oh so helpful suggestion of ibuprofen and fish oil. After I clearly said I’d been taking OTC NSAIDS and when my patient history should show I’ve been taking multiple Omega fatty acids since about 2009. 


So then the nurse says to try urgent care. 

Which I did. The best option is far away, but fine. 

That doctor decides prednisone, hydrocodone and some Celebrex are a good idea and I agree.  And suggests I contact my rheumatologist, which reminds me I need to find a different one because that guy was awful. 

So, I get that settled, drive back across town, go to drop of the written hydrocodone script (yay, War on Drugs) only to discover it isn’t signed. The doctor forgot. And she’s now gone for the day. 

Fine, fill the other two, I’ll go get a haircut because I’m enjoying a few blissful hours when touching my scalp doesn’t hurt. 

I discover on the way home I have no Celebrex. I call the pharmacy. My insurance won’t cover it. 

And that boys and girls is why I’ll be seeing if I have any leftover meds somewhere, getting into bed early-ish, and hoping for the best while trying not to cry. If I’m lucky I’ll sleep. 

Tomorrow I have an appointment and then have to drive back across town, get the Rx signed and go to my headache specialist to pick up some samples of my migraine rescue meds to tide me over until I can get a refill because those are rationed by insurance. And then go back to my pharmacy. 

Somewhere in there I have 35 assignments to grade and a lecture to give. 

If we had a modern national health service, most of that crap would not have been necessary. Which just pisses me off even more. 

At least Obamacare means I can afford coverage at all. 

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