Legendary Egyptian archaeologist in the making forced into early retirement by the only thing badass enough to defeat me – my own body. Now I teach online part time, cope with various chronic illnesses using sarcasm as the best medicine, hope to find gainful employment that won’t kill me so I can pay off my student loans (that first year of grad school at the prestigious University of Chicago did not come cheap), and collect yarn and jewelry supplies that I swear I will make something with someday, quit rolling your eyes. Ahem.

I’m also the blogger formerly known as Shoveling Ferret. I may republish some of those old posts. It’s not laziness, it’s efficiency.

I’ve also recently entered the mutant shark-infested waters of online dating after the dissolution of my marriage. And moved in with my parents for the first time since I went to college at 18.

I retained custody of my two dogs in the divorce. They’ve formed a pack with my parents’ dog. It’s only a matter of time before they control the whole household. Or possibly that already happened.

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